What we-do at CCK Audi London is specialize in Audi from A to Z, we do everything connected to Audi, whether it be a part that you wish to buy, a Audi you need to sell or buy, or perhaps you need your Audi either serviced or repaired, whichever way you look at it CCK Audi do all of the following & much more.


Car Door Lock Cylinder replacement
Electric Window repair
Wing Mirror replacement
Other Body jobs 


ABS repair
Brake Caliper repair
Brake Disc replacement
Brake Drum replacement
Brake Fluid change
Brake Hose replacement
Brake Master Cylinder repair
Brake Pads replacement
Brake Servo repair
Brake Shoe replacement
Handbrake Cable replacement
Handbrake Shoe replacement
Other Brakes jobs 


Alternator repair
Battery Cable replacement
Brake Light replacement
Brake Light Switch replacement
Car Battery replacement
Car Lights replacement
Car Sensor repair
Central Locking repair
Electric Window Motor replacement
Electric Window Regulator replacement
Fog Light replacement
Headlamp Bulb replacement
Indicator Light Bulb change
Indicator Light Switch replacement
Windscreen Washer Pump replacement
Windscreen Wiper Motor repair
Wiper Linkage repair
Other Electrics jobs 


Cambelt change
Camshaft Position Sensor replacement
Car Engine replacement
Crankshaft repair
Crankshaft Pulley replacement
Drive Belt replacement
Engine Mount replacement
Engine Oil change
Head Gasket repair
Oil Filter change
Oil Sump repair
Oil Sump Gasket replacement
Rocker Cover Gasket replacement
Valve Cover Gasket replacement
Other Engine jobs 


Car Distributor repair
Glow Plugs replacement
Ignition Coil replacement
Spark Plug change
Starter Motor repair
Other Ignition jobs 


Power Steering repair
Power Steering Fluid change
Power Steering Fluid Reservoir replacement
Track Rod End replacement
Other Steering jobs 


Ball Joint replacement
Coil Spring replacement
Shock Absorber replacement
Suspension Lower Arm replacement
Other Suspension jobs 


Gear Linkage replacement
Gearbox Oil change
Transmission Fluid change
Other Transmission jobs 


Clutch replacement
Clutch Fluid change
Clutch Master Cylinder replacement
Clutch Slave Cylinder replacement
Flywheel replacement
Other Clutch jobs 

Cooling System

Car Radiator repair
Car Thermostat replacement
Car Water Pump replacement
Cooling Fan repair
Engine Coolant replacement
Expansion Tank replacement
Radiator Hose repair
Other Cooling System jobs 


Airbag inspection
Car Leaking inspection
Car Won't Start inspection
Warning Light inspection
Windows inspection
Other Diagnostic jobs 


Car Oxygen Sensor replacement
Catalytic Converter replacement
DPF cleaning, regeneration & replacement
EGR Valve replacement
Exhaust repair
Exhaust Manifold repair
PCV Valve replacement
Other Exhaust jobs 

Fuel System

Fuel Filter change
Fuel Injector repair
Fuel Pressure Regulator replacement
Fuel Pump repair
Fuel Tank repair
Inlet Manifold Gasket replacement
Mass Air Flow Sensor replacement
Throttle Body repair
Throttle Position Sensor replacement
Turbocharger repair
Other Fuel System jobs 

Heating and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Compressor repair
Air Conditioning Condenser repair
Air Filter change
Heater Blower Fan repair
Heater Matrix repair
Other Heating and Air Conditioning jobs 

Shaft, Final Drive and Axles

Differential Fluid replacement
Drive Shaft repair
Wheel Bearing replacement
Other Shaft, Final Drive and Axles jobs